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The Benevolent Bull

When it comes to having a truly engaging, fun and winning online casino experience, 24Bettle.com rocks it! Solidly! Perhaps online betting on sportsbook is your thing? Well, the Benevolent Bull has you completely covered.

Who is this Bull? He goes by the name of Carlos. He doesn’t seem to have a surname, but Rihanna, Ke$ha, Cher, Madonna and Beyonce did pretty well without one. Carlo$ is the site mascot of 24Bettle.com who helps players succeed in many ways… including in cash money ways. Actually, he’s a bit more than a mascot. He’s more like the ringmaster of a circus. He’s also a lively and great tipster in his marvelously gamified world.

The offerings and the welcome

There are two welcome doors at 24Bettle.com. Behind door number 1; casino! Behind door number 2; Sportsbook! And the minimum deposit for each is only €10! The average entrance fee for one day at a theme park these days is $91 for an adult. Think about that!

The casino has anything and everything any casino lover could possibly wish for. The live online roulette experience in the live casino is second to none. There are video slots and jackpots online in the virtual casino. If you find something lacking from the 24Bettle.com casino, it probably hasn’t been invented yet!

As a nice welcome through door number 1, there’s a bonus of 100% to kick off your casino journey. There are also a ridiculously generous 240 FreeSpins to help you spin and win!

Behind door number 2, there’s a sportsbook that will keep even the most picky sportsfan happy. In the live sports department there’s football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, American football, baseball and plenty more.

If virtual, or e-sports, is of interest then 24Bettle.com certainly won’t disappoint. Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft and Overwatch are definitely things to watch over… and win from!

You even have the option the bet on a sports event while the game is in the midst of play.

Your start into the spotlessly, superb, sporty world is a welcome bonus of 100%!

Game on!

Carlos the Bull delivers an immersive and rewarding game within his 24Bettle universe. There are different modes of play depending on whether you want to go at a “Sunday Driver” easy pace, all the way up to serious “Formula 1” driver hardcore pace. Each mode of play has many levels to ascend. The player may, for example, play a specified slot game to a preset score that Carlos has decided upon. The player will climb up the achievement levels. Carlos often gives the players useful tips to help progress onwards and upwards. Leveling up in Carlos’ world will result in rewards that can be turned into special bonuses and real cash money.

The number of the beast

Carlos has a penchant for the number 24 and multiples of that number. Not only is it present in the 24Bettle.com website address, but it’s also prevalent throughout many of the offers. This Bull has a beastly generous nature. This generosity is not just noticeable in the casino welcome offer that includes 240 FreeSpins, but in many of the specials. For example, Carlos has a recurring monthly (on the 24th of every month, of course!) giveaway of €480 as a first prize and 24 FreeSpins to the 10 runners up.

Forget horsepower! 24Bettle’s got Bullpower!

This Bull is on steroids when it comes to the strength of 24Bettle.com’s promotions. There are recurring weekend reloads. There are tournaments a-plenty with real cash and FreeSpins as prizes. There are also network tournaments with huge cash prizes. There’s Carlos’ mega monthly giveaway. Hit the “Promotions” tab at 24Bettle.com to see what the current hot thing is.

It’s definitely worth agreeing to get the 24Bettle SMS and email messages to properly keep abreast of all the latest dazzling promos.

In Conclusion of Carlos

24Bettle.com, with Carlos the Bull as its helmsman, is a winning recipe. It’s little wonder that, in the decade this offering has been around, it’s grown from strength to strength. It’s definitely a place worth visiting if solid entertainment and real cash wins are your thing.